About us
עלה כותרת


"Aleh Koteret" (Flower Petal) is a Jerusalem florist shop, which was established 25 years ago.

The shop performs flower bouquets deliveries in Jerusalem and in the surrounding region, specializing in flower arrangements for all sorts of event, and in creating personally customized flower bouquets.

Personally customized bouquets

Flowers can be used to express love, as a declaration of intentions, as an expression of gratitude, create the proper atmosphere, and to answer a large variety of other requirements and goals.

In "Ale Koteret" flower arrangements and bouquets composed of fresh and personally designed flowers, meeting the requirements, needs, budgets, and the reason for which the flowers are required.

Flowers can add color, light and character to all sorts of events, and in "Aleh Koteret" you can enjoy flower arrangements which will harmonically fit in with the design of the tables and the space in which the event takes place, and with personalized and professional adaptation to the type and concept of the event.


From the day it was established to the present day, the management of the store has always been diligent in remaining up to speed with developments in the field, and always offers its customers innovative and special designs in tune with the spirit of the times.

Amongst its innovative products are: "flowers in a box", which arrive in a number of possible design styles, according to the preference of the customers


The crew of "Aleh Koteret" is made up of people with extensive knowledge of the world of flowers, appreciation of beauty and aesthetics, experience of many years working with flowers and uncompromising professionalism. That is why anyone who orders flowers, for any reason and for any purpose, can rest easy, knowing that his needs will receive a professional and caring response.


"Aleh Koteret's" many regular customers serve as a testimony to the attentive service and family atmosphere in the shop. The courteous, pleasant and personal attention given to each customer helps those who are uncertain in selecting the proper bouquet to know that they can rely on personalized advice and comprehensive responses to all of their queries, enabling them to select the bouquets who fill all of their requirements and desires.

Flower deliveries in Jerusalem and the area

In "Aleh Koteret" we offer flower deliveries throughout Jerusalem and nearby cities and settlements. We service, among others: Maale Adumim, Gush Etzion, Neve Daniel, Mevaseret Tzion and Modi'in. In addition, we provide large scale deliveries to all parts of the country.